A search bar is very important, especially for larger websites, so your website visitors can quickly find what they are looking for. In many WordPress themes, a search box is already built into the theme menu or footer for your convenience. Here’s an example of a search box built into a theme menu. When you click on the magnifying glass, the search box appears just below the menu, as show here…

There is also a search widget built into wordpress that you can easily drag and drop into any of your sidebars.  Sidebars can be set to appear on the left or right column of your wordpress posts or pages, here’s an example..

So any wordpress site allows you to easily add a search box to your sidebar area. But what if you want to put a search box in a different location, such as onto the content of your wordpress page or post? Yes, you can do this easily, with a free plugin called amr shortcode any widget. Here is the plugin page with all the details; follow our quickstart directions below to get set up fast.

amr shortcode any widget

Quickstart Guide – How to install a search widget into any wordpress page or post

In  your WordPress admin, go to Plugins> Add New
Search for “Amr shortcode any widget”. Install and activate this widget.
Now go to Appearance>Widgets> Add New Widget. Call it “search-bar” or any name you like.
Now you should see a widget called “search-bar” (or whatever you named it).

From the available widgets on the left, grab the wordpress widget called “Search” and drag it over to your new widget called “search-bar” and drop it in there. Click the triangle on the left to open up the Search widget and click on the “Save” button. Now you should see some new text at the bottom of your widget…

To use as shortcode with id:” with a shortcode [in square brackets]

Copy the shortcode, it will look something like this…

Now paste the shortcode into your page, post or wherever you want the search box to appear. Click save and go to your page or page and see how your new search box looks. Easy!

Now you know how to add any widget in your post or page content without writing a single line of code. Additionally, now you have this plugin installed, you can easily add any of your widgets anywhere on your website (not just the search bar widget!). WordPress has built in widgets such as “Recent comments” and “Recent Posts” and you may have additional custom widgets that are created by your theme, or your plugins. Now you can easily place these widgets anywhere you like.


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