Domain search as you type
The easiest way to find your new domain name, domain name search results appear as you type.

Free Tradmark Search
Search Millions of Filed Trademarks for Free. Tip: search for existing trademarks before registering a new domain to avoid potential issues.

Create new words at
Wordoids are made-up words. They look unique and sound natural. They are useful for naming new things or finding domain names that aren’t already taken.

Google Trends
Simple tool to find out what’s hot and what people are talking about and searching for online.

Blog topic research — Answer the Public
Discover what topics your prospective customers are searching for in relation to your business. Answer the Public is a very helpful tool that helps to discover the language, or keywords or topics that your customers are currently concerned about.

LastPass Password Manager
The free version gives you a basic password manager that stores unlimited number of passwords, use on multiple devices, changes synched across all your devices. For added security and backup, the Premium version is definitely worth it for around $5 per month.

Accounting from Wave
Very simple account software. The free version includes accounting and reports, create and scan invoices, and scan receipts directly into the system.

Free Invoice Creation Software – Invoice Ninja
If you just want to create a quick invoice, see our Quickstart Guide – Create a beautiful invoice in 5 mins with Invoice Ninja

Project Management from Wrike
But if you’re just getting started and have a small team, this free project management tool will be perfect for you. The free version supports up to five users, an unlimited number of collaborators, and 2 GB of free storage, manage tasks, share files, and monitor your group’s activities in a real-time feed.

File storage and collaboration — G Suite
A cloud-based platform including: Google Drive (file storage), Google Docs (word processor), Google Calendar (calendar), Gmail (email), Google Forms (create and analyze surveys).

Find Legal Document Templates at
An open collection of free legal documents.
A community to learn and share about ethical online marketing techniques that drive effective, scalable and sustainable growth.
Find events hosted by local groups where you can network with new people, keep up with industry news and expand your professional network.

SEO Tools

Visitor stats for any website at
Enter any website without the https://www to get a report about the visitor statistics. If the site doesn’t get high traffic, you will see the message “not enough data” in some of the report sections, there are tips to help you improve your statistics in these area, this tool is also useful for checking out the websites of your competitors.

Website performance monitoring by Smylelytics
The easiest and most enjoyable way to see your website traffic statistics. Monitor your website traffic with two free and easy-to-understand emails every month. To get started, enter your website’s URL, the email address that is tied to your Google Analytics account (you’ll need to have Google Analytics installed), and the email address where your reports will be sent. Free Domain SEO Metrics
Enter any domain and see the top competitive SEO metrics for that site.
An analysis of your website to help you grow your business, you need to sign in with a google account. TIP: use the google account you set up for your business to keep everything in one place.

Local search listing management — Moz Local
Designed for getting your business listed correctly and consistently on the main local data aggregator websites, from Google to Yelp and beyond, Moz Local is the free digital marketing tool for entrepreneurs looking to boost their online competitiveness in their local market. This great free, however it currently only works for USA, Canada and UK.

Writing Tools
Check if anyone has pinched your original article without your permission.
Hemingway App makes your writing bold and clear.
Finds & corrects mistakes of your writing. This free digital tool includes: Spelling, Basic grammar check and Plagiarism check (limited number of times a day).
Summarize any text online in just a few seconds.

Content Platforms for free traffic and to establish your expertise

What’s your favourite Free Tool & Resource for Digital Marketing? Please let us know in the comments.

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