Have you installed a search bar on your wordpress site, but the search results are not displaying the results the way you would like? Can’t find what you are searching for, even though you know the information is on your site?

Another common issue for woocommerce shops: when you search for your product name, you get no results! Zero. Nada. You want your customers to be able to find a product when they search for it by name or relevant keyword, right?

Why can’t I find my woommerce products with a site search?

By default, the wordpress search widget searches in the text and titles of your pages and posts, but it does not search in the text or title of your woocommerce products. If you are using woocommerce, you will definitely want to let your visitors to be able to find your products, so you need to fix this.

Here is a free plugin that will fix this issue. This plugin lets you control your wordpress search display results and include your woocommerce products in the search results. This plugin is recommended for all woocommerce stores and also for any wordpress site where you want to adjust how the search result page works.

WP Extended Search

Quickstart Guide – Customize WordPress and Woocommerce Search Results with WP Extended Search plugin

Install the plugin then go to Settings>Extended Search

General Search Setting

you will probably want to tick all 3 boxes

  • Search in Title
  • Search in Content
  • Search in Excerpt

Select Taxonomies

Select this if you want to see search results for the keywords in your category names (posts and products ). for example, if your post category is “Happy Duck” then all posts in the category “Happy Duck” will show when you search for “Happy Duck”. Otherwise the post will only show if you have that text in the post name or content.

If you are using WooCommerce, under “Taxonomies” tick “Product Categories” so your customers can easily find products (when they search any word contained in your product categories).

Select Meta Key Names

This allows the search in custom areas, you probably won’t need to tick anything here, unless you have a specific need.

Select Post Types

If you are using WooCommerce, under “Select Post Types” tick “Products” so your customers can easily find products.

Posts per page

At the bottom of the setting page under “Posts per page” you can set the Number of posts to display on search result page OR leave this blank to use the default value.

This is just a brief overview of the options, don’t forget to go and test your own site using different search terms, so you can get this plugin set up in the best manner for your site visitors to easily find what they are looking for.


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