Contests and Giveaways are a low cost, high ROI method to gain exposure and grow your email list and social following. For best results, ensure your prize is directly related to your brand. This helps to ensure that everyone entering your contest is interested in your products or services. By capturing the names and emails of these quality leads you have the opportunity to email them (with their permission, of course) and try to convert them to customers.

Ideas for a great Online Contest

Win a free year

A year of anything is a very appealing prize, but you can do 6 months or a time frame suitable for your product (and budget.)

Package Prize

Make your prize sound fantastic by creating a package. Include several of your products and add related items that compliment your product. Packaging multiple prizes together really boosts the perceived value of the prize, making your competition much more appealing.

Gift cards

While not as exciting as a huge gift basket packed with goodies delivered to the prize winner’s doorstep, gift cards can be very convenient for the prize winner to claim, and you can offer them a range of choices so they can choose the prize that suites them best.

Social media photo contests

Ask contestants to take a photo of themselves using/wearing/eating your product. This is a great way to get your customers sharing their personal experience with your product. You can create a unique hashtag and ask contests to use that in their entry post, so it’s easy for everyone to check out all the entries.

Expand Your Social Reach

Ask contestants to tag their friends in their entry post, to help you reach new audiences on social media.  Some companies incentivize sharing by offering extra entries for following you on social media, or sharing the competition post with friends.

Monetize the back-end of your competition

After entering your competition send your entrants to a special offer page where they receive a fantastic discount to try your products or services.

Themed Contest

Contests are great all year round when you have a fantastic prize. But if your prize budget is on the low side you can make your contest stand out with a great theme that’s relevant to your product, or a seasonal theme (Christmas, Easter, Halloween) or current event. People are more likely to get involved in your contest if it’s related to a topic that’s already on their mind.

Partner with other brands to grow your audience

Reach more potential customers by partnering with another business to run your contest. Find a partner who is a good match for your products and make sure the deal is appealing to your partner, and reach more potential customers.

DojoMojo is a sweepstakes tool that allows you to search thousands of brands in the DojoMojo network and collaborate with marketers whose audience you’d like to reach. You can build a sweepstakes with the simple editor (no developer required), or kick off a content, advertising or box insert exchange Market to each other’s audience and share your message with thousands of new potential customers. You’ll reach far more potential new customers than if your offer was only promoted on your own website.

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